May 29, 2022



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Workers' Compensation Cost

Ray Smith Insurance Agency, Inc. and ILC, Inc. have developed this service to help clients eliminate or reduce the potential for losses and minimize and control costs related to workers’ compensation.

We have established four major areas of service, each with a number of specific activities available. 

Disability Management

Ray Smith Insurance Agency/ILC can identify and assist with early intervention and disability management activities which can include: 

  • Employee return-to-work opportunities
  • Organizational and administrative functions which can be integrated to minimize costs related to claims
  • Working with medical providers
  • Training managers and supervisors
  • Development of return-to-work policies and procedures
  • Workers’ compensation case screening
  • Perform factual research to determine the legitimacy of workers’ compensation claims brought by employees
  • Assist in preparing for workers’ compensation hearings on litigated matters 

Job Evaluation

ILC can help conduct special job analysis to identify:

  • Health and safety concerns which will aid you in returning injured employees to work
  • Provide for proper placement of individuals in jobs that match their physical, mental and emotional make-up, without endangering their health and safety or that of others
  • Potential work design elements that may result in either acute injury or repetitive trauma disorders

Educational Services

  • Workers’ compensation issues
  • Developing the knowledge and skill to manage your workers’ compensation program
  • Opportunities for the Prevention of occupational injuries and non-occupational injuries which may affect your workforce
  • Statutory rules, collective bargaining agreements, policy changes and management information necessary to more effectively implement a workers’ compensation program
  • Back injury prevention presentations which can be tailored to individual worksites
  • Several specialty training topics relating to loss control activities, preventing injuries, identifying the information and team needed to determine liability, should an injury or illness occur, and claim cost containment

Experience Modification Review